Sweet {Southern} Sixteen

Well as much as we tried to put it off - our sweet girl celebrated Sixteen Sweet Years!

She brings us so much joy and is truly a shining light in our world.

We wanted to celebrate her in style, Southern Style, that is!

I think I began planning this special party shortly after the Drivers License shock wore off. I love to plan a party for my kids!

This is the first event we've had in the new shed and even though it's not entirely in a finished state we made it work. I must say that we have the most amazing contractor, but my husband allowing me to continue all my projects is more amazing!

The party plan:

These were my notes - pallets, wire spool tables, deer horns, burlap, babies breath, white & gold, glitter, picture collage, cotton, string lights, sparklers . . . and a DJ of course.

Brittany only requested specific desserts (she doesn't get that from me) like knock off Starbucks cake pops and cheesecake made by Mema.

(well  . . . . they tasted good enough!) 

(these were the favorite!)

She's a Southern Girl to the core - hunting, farming, soccer & basketball, and a major Netflix addiction are her hobbies.

Prepare for photo overload

What's a Southern shin dig without cotton decor?!

 Burlap curtains were hung to allow the double doors to be left open for a flow from the shed to the fire pit outside. 

 That extra large (extra heavy) pallet anchored the focal point I was going for. As much help I had from my closest friends, Brittany herself, and my dear sweet sister with getting all my ideas from paper to real life . . . I ended up hanging that beast at 1:00 am the week of the party all alone. I wrapped it in chicken wire to give it more dimension and I think besides the cotton and gold and glitter it was my favorite element!

 Photos are always a must with me. Along with this my Mom made a photo album of more pictures that wouldn't fit on this "16". 

 I may have embarrassed her a little by the happy birthday ordeal but THE SPARKLERS!!!

I hope she and her friends enjoyed it as much as I did planning. Now I must rest up for soccer season!

OH - In unrelated party news

These two beauties were finished just in time for the party!

 Lucked up and found this old farm sink that our marvelous contractor made a free standing frame for and hooked up, then I added the burlap skirt. I love the character that the rust gives. 

And this little bathroom packs a big punch. I secretly wish these tongue and groove walls were in our home along with the sink, faucet, and the mason jar soap dispenser too!


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