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Halloween Happenings

We had a low key Halloween season this year. By that I mean we didn't carve pumpkins or put out any decorations.  Emerson asked me several times when would we decorate but I never got the motivation.  The scrooge of Halloween right here I tell ya!

I did manage to have a few friends over for pumpkin painting and now that I think about it the boys and I made caramel apples. So maybe I wasn't such a scrooge after all!

My sweet little boys don't like to be cute things for Halloween anymore . . . . sad face! But I think they're still pretty darn cute as these scary things!

Lockwood was a vampire (a left over Brittany costume except for the $2.99 face paint). Emerson was a skeleton (Lockwood was this last year and we had this costume since forever because Brittany was also this way back when)

To make the caramel apples I recycled them from this photo shoot.  Those are two very sweet girls! After we got done with the apples they were very pretty but not so tasty :)

Now that …