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Moments of Time

February 5, 1999
A shy 16 year old girl scared to death. Embarking on a time in her life where nothing would ever be the same, but merely magnified beyond words. 
You were quiet, still, breathtaking. Big, brown, beautiful eyes stared back at me. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. A life, a real human being, she was mine. That day I gave you my middle name and also my heart, forever.

Today you are still quiet, still, and breathtaking. Those big, brown, beautiful eyes still melt my heart and I never will take my eyes off of you. The time you bless us with is the most precious gift one can receive, thank you! 
When you were just Four or Five you loved playing with your "doctor kit". Everyone was a patient and you were the doctor of the house. My favorite phrase may forever be, "Mama, let me hear your heart beep". My heart will always "beep" to the sound of yours. I know you will one day pursue your goals and dreams and will make a fine nurse.

February …