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China Hutch Facelift

I can FINALLY check something off my list!
Back in October a friend was giving this away.  

I got started right away stripping it's hardware, cleaning it up, and sanding it.  After that it sat and sat, got moved from porch to carport, then back to the porch again.  Doug told me I couldn't start anymore projects until I finished some unfinished ones so ......
I had to clean it again and sand it some more, and clean it again. Painting it was the EASY part!

It originally had a mirror on the bottom that I wasn't feeling.  The top of it had a few spots of water damage so I placed fabric and plexiglas on top.  With the same fabric I covered the hole that I made from removing the mirror.

I snuck our answering machine behind the photo so it's in a prime spot of the house but out of site!

My favorite part of this project is actually inside! I finally have a place to display all of our wedding china that we never use.  It is meant for looking pretty, right? 

 Also behind thos…