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Because I love our love the most . . .

It's been ten years since we said I DO, really?

"Are you serious?" - This was my answer when Doug asked me to marry him. I know I'm a pathetic idiot. I was just in shock that he really wanted to marry me. I quickly said yes before he had a chance to really think about my silly question!

Now, before I blubber on about how wonderful ten years of marriage is, let me say; it's not all rainbows and butterflies. We've had a few bumps and hiccups along the way, but those have truly made our relationship grow stronger.

In our newlywed stage we would occasionally list out why we loved each other. Like for instance; I love the way you leave your laundry on the floor instead of in the hamper or I love the way you burn my fried chicken. You know . . . those type love sayings - just kidding (on the why I love you part because we did say those things too)!

So to the love of my life, here are a few reasons I love you!

Daddy . . .
You accepted this title before we said "…