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Answered Prayers!!

If you know someone who doesn't believe in God, ask them to talk to a Farmer. A Farmer not only has to work hard all year long but they have to possess a very strong Faith. When planting season rolls around (if there's moisture) they have Faith that the seed they plant will sprout through the soil. During the growing season as they purchase expensive fertilizers, manage weed control, etc. they crutch on that Faith again to send the needed rain to aid the growth of the crop. Then again when harvest season comes they have Faith that their machinery will withstand the load and again that they get good weather. They do all this with Faith in hopes to do all this again next year.

Emerson squealed with joy this morning when we walked outside and it was raining.....he said "Momma, our cotton is getting rain like we prayed for!" We haven't seen a good rain on the entire farm in over 30 days. With temperatures in the high nineties and the heat index well over one hundred…

Meet The Kiddos!

Here is our youngest, Emerson! He has my Brother and Daddy's middle name of Henry. Fitting that he reminds me so much of my late brother Clay with his silliness and that stubbornness from my Daddy (which I may have inherited too). He also has those eyes that speak to you - Pweeeeaaaase Momma..I'm sorry, I'm sorry..just one more was on accident..GaGa did it - can't help but give in or just laugh! It may be too that he is our last Baby :(

This is Lockwood or should I say - Douglas Lockwood Jarrell, Jr. As Doug taught him to say as soon as he could talk. . .he was named appropriately! He not only looks like Doug, but ACTS just like him. He is a Farmer to the core and wouldn't have it any other way!

This is our sweet daughter, Brittany. She is not only my daughter, but one of my best friends. Not only does she look like me . . . she has also inherited a heart bigger than mine - which I am so proud of. She loves sports, four-wheeling, swimming, friends ~ hates sc…

Long Days

For the majority of the year - this is where you'll find Doug, on some form of Farm Equipment. The boys and I were bringing Daddy a late afternoon snack. In this picture Doug was digging peanuts as the sun was setting behind him. Boy, do I love my hard working Farmer!!