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Beautiful Sunset

If you're ever in the mood for a breathtaking Sunset close to home - this is the place!  This is the old Peeples place in Scotia.  I never mind jumping in the car when Doug says he's going to check this field.    Lined Oak Trees, Old Grain Bins, and Cotton - It's the perfect photo every time!

School Update


 I love this picture - it captured the moment precisely!!

 Well we have officially made it one entire week of school.  And it's off to a great start for ALL!  We were only "on the verge" of being late one morning.  Translate - Doug had to leave for work early and I was in charge of transport, ooops! 

Back to School. . . .

Wow!  Usually back to school gets easier in the sense that we are more prepared by learning from past years.  This year has really hit me hard.  Brittany going into the 7th grade (yes, I said Seventh!), Lockwood - Kindergarten, and Emerson Pre-K.  Brittany of course had a few more Summer assignments, but to throw in the mix Lockwood and Emerson's Summer work was like - Whooooaaaa.
So tonight while taking this picture I teared up while Brittany laughed at me.  Little did she know I did the same when I sent her off to Pre-K just those short years ago.  Lockwood says he doesn't like school but he's ready to see his friends.  Emerson squeezed my neck and gave me his sweet kisses then said I could get Aiden (my cousin Robin's baby) to come stay with me while he went to school. 
While having this anxious/overwhelming feeling at the same time we are truly blessed to have these precious children in our lives.  Wishing for a GREAT school year :)
To Be Continued. . . . . . . . .

Our Magical Vacation

In the end - it was worth every penny and every drop of sweat!! The boys loved seeing all the characters. Brittany is now into roller coasters ..... even Emerson and Lockwood were tall enough to ride a few! After a couple years of recovery I think we'll return!