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Colorful Meanings

Mulling through the web for color inspiration for re-painting our exterior doors. 
They are currently black and I was thinking of changing to a bold/fun color. 

These caught my eye . . . .

via via
After reading this colorscope description the current black might stick.  Check out your color for a fun read!

Ipod Shuffle

Ipods are so amazing!
Our kids {especially the boys} have a new found love of electronics.  Brittany graciously sold her old Ipod to Lockwood in January for $90 since she wanted the newest one - great deal, right?  Emerson has been wanting one ever since!  Since he has a Birthday coming up we decided we'd get him that.
So, that's where the shuffle began . . . . . .
Lockwood left his Ipod in his shorts pocket and Brittany washed it ------ oops!  Brittany was so upset and we thought Lockwood would be devastated too.  I didn't hear the exact conversation but Britt said he laughed and said it was okay.  Sissy promised to help him purchase another one {the newest edition with the camera}.
On a whim we let the newly cleaned Ipod chill out in a bag of rice for a couple days.  Lockwood decided to check it to see if it worked today.  Well, look what is back to singing!

Lockwood really had his heart set on that new camera one.  Thinking out loud he said he should sell his  to Emers…

Summer Fun

Cannot believe Summer ends (kids go back to school) in less than six weeks. 
We have been busy making wonderful memories with family and friends!

{Boating Fun}

{Festival Fun}

{More Boating Fun}

{Beach Fun}
And the favorite so far was our {Lake Fun} weekend with my parents and my sister and her family!

{Lake Fun!}

Along with all our fun we are trying very hard to concentrate on Summer Reading/Writing projects also.  Now, that is not so FUN for anyone in our house!  Good thing we haven't been on vacation yet - good threatening tool, haha!
~Happy Summer~