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A day in the life: Cotton Planting

It's 10:54pm on a Tuesday.  Doug is still planting away at the field.  My dedicated, hard working, passionate farmer has been known to log some long days.  The past few weeks I realize just how often.  We miss him when he's not home for supper with us. My eyes grow weary waiting on him to get home safely.  The kids ask when Daddy will be home. I say, I'm not sure and Brittany comments, "That means late".  

The point is this.  We realize the importance of his passion and dedication, but the outside world sometimes does not. I know during planting and harvest season that he will not be able to go to family gatherings, watch our kids' sporting events, or jump in the car for a family outing. The kids and I eat supper alone and now that Summer is here we sit up and wait for him to walk in the door!  
He keeps a high stress level from now until the crop is harvested. So we savor our time with him when we can sneak him away.

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