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The Perfect Saturday!

Do you usually say your Saturday is perfect when it starts at 7AM.....didn't think so, but ours sure did today!

Our Saturdays have been consumed by Soccer and College football couch potatoes.  Today was not much different!

So after the game and after I schooled Britt and her friend on Rock Band - they got bored and decided to do the following hilarious-ridiculously crazy-NEW sport!

MUD wrestling!!  When done only a few spots of white were left on them.  Then, of course, the boys just had to do it too!

Laughter was all over today and that deems for a perfect day anytime in my book!  Oh, and to add to the perfection - WAY TO GO TIGERS!!  Awesomeness :)

Healthier Lifestyle in progress!

Doug hounded me long enough to go see the Doctor so they could "fix" me.  Well, I am in hopes of being on the path to doing just that.  However, Doug did not like some of the specifics to get me there!  One major factor being the change in OUR diet.  He is at current time contemplating divorce if I stray off the path of cooking those good ole rich Southern meals he loves.  Please pray for both of us!!

Weather Hormones. . . .

Okay - NO, I am not as crazy as you think!  I know the next season is Fall, not Winter!

But sitting in my office for the past couple weeks makes me feel like Winter!  My office has two desks and with those desk also come seasons.  In the Summer time I want no part of the computer area and in Winter I want no part of the front desk!!  The air vent blows massively on that desk and I have already began to leave sweaters on my chair.

Any who - I love these snow pictures from two years ago.  I thought they were lost forever along with thousands of others lost to the tragic hard drive crash last year.  The train track is in Historic Estill (hehe) and the other is Doug's parents old laundry shed (yes, they still use it for that purpose).  I also remember that day being the perfect snow day for our family :-)

Happy ALMOST Fall!

Time for Soccer Saturdays!

Doug says I go into my "soccer mode" on Saturday mornings during soccer season.  I just can't help myself - I LOVE IT!  This year is even better with all the kids playing.  I am so excited to see how the boys will like it.  So far they have really enjoyed practice.  It's a change swapping from Brittany's competitive age to U6 where it's about having Fun and Learning rather than winning.  On the other hand, expecting great things from Britt and her team!  So GOOOO Blue Crush and Cyclones!

BOY, Oh Boy!

When we do pick-up from Meme and Papa's you just don't know what you'll find waiting for you!  Dawson is a champ though.  He patiently let Emerson pull him into position for this sweet pose.  Not to mention the huge hole all the boys dug in the field for - WHO knows :-)