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Our All American Girl

Parents are entitled to brag a little, right? Okay we don't mind doing that sometimes!

Please excuse the quality of the first picture since it was taken from Doug's phone
Who says girls who LOVE playing sports and hunting more than anything can't be pretty girly girls too!!  Ours sure does it all and I know some others who can too :)

I really think Daddy has had a hidden agenda over the kids winter break from school.  He and Brittany have spent every spare minute of the day hunting some sort of animal....Squirrels....Birds....Deer.  I did at one point have a new shopping buddy, but I will have her back after hunting season!  I know they are enjoying their time together and I have enjoyed seeing their excitement too.

Pictured here are some of Britt's friends from their Middle School Social.  Some of those sweet-pretty-hunting girls I mentioned above are pictured here!! :)


If you've visited our house you would notice we do not currently have any curtains/drapes.

Reason #1- when we moved in that was the least of my worries!
Reason #2 - with needing 108"  in length you don't just buy from the store. . .
Reason #3 - sometimes (most times) I get this great picture in my head of what I really want and then when shopping for it can't find it.  You know how that goes.
Reason #4 - fabric is quite expensive!!(main reason)

So about six or seven months ago I started my fabric search.  I started with our master bedroom because I thought it would be the easiest. Doug says it's trouble when I use the term "I thought" or "I think", but it usually works out in the end!

These along with any other fabric I choose is 100% cotton!  We recently switched to an all cotton bedspread also.  What things cotton are in your home or do you know??

Once complete I'll show you our freshened Master Bedroom.