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Functional Office Reveal

We don't have a spacious or grand office space but it is definitely a necessity. When drawing up plans for our house we carved out a little nook off our dining room.

Here was the problem!

1) At the time we (I) thought I wanted bright walls throughout our home. The brightest was our office in this lovely orange. I did love the color but found at night when I was up late working on the computer it really hurt my eyes. I finally convinced Doug to let me paint it. No surprise that my favorite color is blue so I first chose a few lighter blue tones but they were meh.... AND then I spotted this beauty and my mind was made - striped walls! It was a really slow process at first. I had to prime/paint those orange walls three times with the white base. Then measure and tape the walls. For many months there were three lone stripes all lonely in the room. It was a hot mess since I had cleared everything out of the room all pumped to get it done. Fast forward waiting on cabinets to be built an…