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13.1 Weekend

If you told me a year ago that I would run a half marathon I would have laughed at you! That's insane! I've never been a runner, EVER. I started running this past September for health reasons and to help motivate my soccer team to run more.  Both were good reasons to help motivate me as well.  Sadly, only a hand full of my soccer girls accepted my challenge BUT I do have two of them running a 5K with me this weekend! In casual conversation one day my dear friend, Melanie, asked me about training with her for a half marathon.  In typical Wendy fashion I said yes and immediately kicked myself in my mind.  What was I thinking? I've literally only ran one 5K in my lifetime and have just recently started running regularly.  None the less, I was excited for a new adventure! With her help I managed to complete a five month training schedule overcoming: a sprained ankle, runners knee, and two lost toenails.  Keep in mind she is 10 years older than me and fared so much better!!  …