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A Thankful Thanksgiving!

Wow, it's Thanksgiving already?  While we sit and ponder where our year has gone it gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on our many blessings.  I could literally go on-and-on-and-on, so to spare you here are a few.....
 Our loving church and church family - Nixville Baptist Church.  With their help we are blessed to raise our children with a constant Godly presence. 

This amazing man who is a loving husband and Daddy to our three children!

These wonderfully adoring family and friends of mine (missing some!) and all the memories they allow me to make with them.
The love of cousins!

Relay For Life and it's efforts with The American Cancer Society and the HOPE that one day we will find a Cure!

 The ability and will power to be myself (goofy) and that my kids can enjoy it too!

Papa and Mimi (not pictured) and their love for our family.  Most importantly that Papa instilled the love of Agriculture to Doug so that he can do the same for our children!
There is so-so-so much…

Peanuts...Get Your Peanuts!

Doug and Papa completed their peanut harvest this week and I could see a little of the stress melt away (a very welcome expression to say the least!). 
Living in the South, who doesn't absolutely love peanuts?  It's a favorite pastime in the Summer to savor those delicious perfectly salted boiled peanuts!  Look closer to see where else these nuts come to good use.

Here are some pictures from this year's harvest and some not-so-techno terms from a Farmer's Wife! 

  Here the mature peanuts are being dug (a more technical term is "inverting"), where blades dig into the soil and essentially flip the peanuts over.  Once this phase is complete those pretty green vines have to dry out before the combine can process. (See Below)  Advanced technology now allows growers the ability to use GPS systems to aid in planting and a more efficient harvest - hence the late night hours.

Here is a close-up of the peanuts almost ready for harvest!

Farm machinery has c…