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The Green Goods

I have been promoting spinach lately - ask anyone!  But really, the nutrition value in this stuff is too good to turn down.  Here are some yummy ways to add spinach to your diet and just in time for St. Patricks Day!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but these wraps have a green hue to them.  These are spinach wraps!  I found them at Sams.  They also have several different types - my favs are these and the whole wheat ones or the herb ones.  I use my panini grill but you could easily do these in a skillet.  Just sprinkle your favorite cheese (I use mozzarella), add spinach leaves, your favorite meat (I use turkey or shredded chicken), and then sprinkle a little more cheese to the top.  The wraps are pretty big so I put all the ingredients on one side and fold over.  I use the cheese as a gluing agent, but you could substitute for a dressing or sauce.  Doug and the kids like them with BBQ sauce.

I have also substituted spinach in the place of lettuce for salads.  For lunch I rotat…