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Shoe saga continued . . .

Back here  I tried to fix the shoe saga. It worked until our sweet puppy came along and chewed up all the shoes. (sung to tune of itsy bitsy spider and it sounds better!)

A couple months ago I purchased the HEMNES shoe cabinet from Ikea online. I say online to clarify that we are a 4-5 hour drive from an Ikea which is probably a good thing. I finally put it together last night and I am giddy with excitement.

It's clean lines and slim design fit perfect in our space. Our house is very open so I needed something that would look nice off the door we use which is in the Dining Room. The site said it would fit 8 pairs of shoes. If you're using for adult shoes that would be accurate, but this will serve mainly for the boys and one drawer is designated for Doug's church shoes.

It also boasts another spot for some pretties!

Goodbye shoe basket!

Six months + Three busy kids = A much needed Summer!

Wow, we have been super busy lately and blessed along with way with so many family memories!! Cannot believe it's June already.

In January we celebrated our first born son's 8th Birthday. Lockwood loves to help me plan and I'm so thankful that he does. His birthday is 10 short days after Christmas so we whipped up his choice of a Duck Dynasty themed party. Complete with DIY yarn beards and duck calls!

February brought us this beautiful 15 year old, a permit, lots of basketball games, and a weekend trip with her girlfriends. We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming!

While we're talking about February - our all time favorite sport came in season, SOCCER! All three kids started practice and the boys kicked off their season of Rec.

March winds blew up a whirlwind of busy on-the-go-on-the-go-on-the-go . . . Most weeks consisted of at least 4 soccer games and practice in-between. Did I mention that I coached them all? The boys and their team finished the season …