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He's a "Hand Full"!

SO.... YEAH.  Doug and I are still amazed at how time flies by. 
Our last baby is five years old - literally and figuratively - A Hand Full!
If you've ever been around us I know Doug has told you the story on our last baby {with no detail spared}. Every year near our children's Birthdays we reflect on the day they were born and the nine months {Brittany's seven and a half months} leading up to their special delivery.
Since you've heard Doug's story I want to share mine.
The torn wrapping paper, un-opened new toys, and leftover cake still occupied our home when we learned we were expecting again.  This certain Birthday I speak of was Lockwood's very first Birthday!  Doug and I talked about the possibility of more kids - I claimed no more - he said two or three more.   I had recently changed to a part time job so that I could be home more with the kids.  My baby had just had his first Birthday.  I thought two kids, Doug, and myself completed our family.  I coul…