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Shoe Overload!

What on earth!  Yes, this is what you would typically see at our back door.  Shoe Overload!
The following pictures should tell you a little about why this should be avoided.

(A) This hanging shoe contraption hangs on the door in the laundry room.  I think I am the only one in the house that knows this exists.
(B) These three bins are also in the laundry room for shoes.  These get used a little more than the hanging rack.  Only because when the boys - all three of them, take off their shoes at the laundry room door I toss them in here.
(C)  This basket sits at the double doors into the dining room.  Although we strictly use our back
door(s) for entry we are not partial to just one.  So, when I noticed the shoe pile up here I put this basket there.

And (D) - we do have closets for EACH person in the house that are roomy enough to accommodate a few pairs of shoes.

So, back to this picture.  Brittany had FOUR pairs of shoes, two pairs of cleats, boots, shin guards, knee pads, and a pair …

Family Photo Sneak Peek

One thing we can count on every year is taking a family photo in the cotton field.  It is after all, one of Doug's greatest loves!

This day usually consists of some whines, but this year wasn't too bad.  However, I do not recommend wearing a skirt trying to beat the camera timer.

Here's your sneak peek:

 Brittany says I made her look like Superman in this shot, but I think it's breath taking!  I'm partial because they are my children, but I love to photograph them!

 Did I mention these were taken on our Anniversary?  Happy 7 years, Doug, and wishing for many more!
You know, I can't remember how much I paid for that tripod....that's how much I love it.  Scratched up legs were well worth capturing this sweet moment!!

When I catch up on editing, I'll post more!

At a Loss

Even been at a loss for ... words ... time ... opportunities ... someone?

Though all the above is true for me I can say there is a difference between being at a loss and being lost. 

My heart is heavy today thinking about the loss of Emanuel.  My prayers are with his precious family, his sweet friends, and the students and faculty at Patrick Henry Academy.  His courageous fight is a true testimony of his Faith in our Lord and Savior.  He was never LOST, and because of that he is now rejoicing in heaven.

Do you trust enough in God that you too may join him one day?  I am at a loss, but never lost of the path he has chosen for me.