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I typed this on Brittany's Birthday - oh, two weeks ago.  Somehow I never hit the publish button!

Really stuttering to get the word {teenager} out when describing Brittany. However, I am fortunate to have spent the past thirteen years with her. I could probably write a very long elaborate post about all the reasons we love her. Instead I want to share our families Top Thirteen!

13. She loves animals and takes good care of our cats, Bella & Stella
12. Respectful to adults and her peers
11. She's part of my family
10. She loves with ALL of her heart!
9. Sports enthusiast
8. Loves her Grandparents very much
7. Always gives her best
6. Rarely complains
5. She got me some cool glasses
4. She is my best friend for life
3. Helps out tremendously with her brothers
2. Is Brittany all the time and no one else!
1. Is a faithful Christian

Happy Birthday to our most favorite, loving, sweet, compassionate daughter. We love you always and forever!