Because I love our love the most . . .

It's been ten years since we said I DO, really?

"Are you serious?" - This was my answer when Doug asked me to marry him. I know I'm a pathetic idiot. I was just in shock that he really wanted to marry me. I quickly said yes before he had a chance to really think about my silly question!

Now, before I blubber on about how wonderful ten years of marriage is, let me say; it's not all rainbows and butterflies. We've had a few bumps and hiccups along the way, but those have truly made our relationship grow stronger.

In our newlywed stage we would occasionally list out why we loved each other. Like for instance; I love the way you leave your laundry on the floor instead of in the hamper or I love the way you burn my fried chicken. You know . . . those type love sayings - just kidding (on the why I love you part because we did say those things too)!

So to the love of my life, here are a few reasons I love you!

Daddy . . .
You accepted this title before we said "I do" like I could have never dreamed up better. My baby girl, my heart and soul, my pride and joy, my little princess . . . she became ours. I can never thank you enough for loving her the way that you do. And our boys, they love you so, you are an exceptional Daddy!

Faith . . .
I knew of God's love when we met but I did not experience it first hand until we began dating. You helped me strengthen my faith by the way you expressed your faith in God. Becoming a part of your family with the love and support your parents gave us and a part of our church family is invaluable to me.

Son  . . .
The love and respect you share with your parents has been such a blessing to me. The bond between you and your Dad is a true gift that you are instilling in our boys.  I pray our children love us in their adult lives as much as we do our parents.

Farm . . .
I hear you often brag about me on how I do this, this, or this. You are forgetting that you passed a little of yourself on to me. Your passion for farming is one of true love. You exude so much grit, determination, pride, humbleness, work ethic, and faith it is hard for those qualities not to rub off. All the while still helping to take care of the kids and myself. We are so very proud of our hard working Farmer!

Support . . .
Wow, I'll try to keep this one short! Not that I am extreme with my extracurricular activities like
say . . . . teaching sky diving or anything. But I have taken on lots of responsibilities in the past and you have always been there supporting me through it all. You voice your opinion {daily} and I knew that you really despised soccer, but you have turned around because you know I love it. You have supported me through Relay seasons, Soccer seasons, Women's Committee activities, church activities, and whatever else season I am in. Not to mention I'll be photographing a wedding on our anniversary weekend! All these things truly show me how much you care about my passions and how much you love me even though you may not love everything I do. So, thank you!

Burnt Chicken and Laundry . . .
Because you still eat supper if I burn it or if the rice is hard or if you really don't like it. And because I still love you even though after ten years you still have not found the laundry basket!

Sorry for just sappiness . . . all of you know Doug despises gifts to him. So I thought I'd give him a great Anniversary Card in the form of a blog post.

I love you so, Douglas Lockwood Jarrell. You've certainly made all my dreams come true and I cherish the new ones we make together with our family.

Your Wife, Wendy


  1. Happy Anniversary Here's to 50 more.Love you all lots


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