He's a "Hand Full"!

SO.... YEAH.  Doug and I are still amazed at how time flies by. 

Our last baby is five years old - literally and figuratively - A Hand Full!

If you've ever been around us I know Doug has told you the story on our last baby {with no detail spared}. Every year near our children's Birthdays we reflect on the day they were born and the nine months {Brittany's seven and a half months} leading up to their special delivery.

Since you've heard Doug's story I want to share mine.

The torn wrapping paper, un-opened new toys, and leftover cake still occupied our home when we learned we were expecting again.  This certain Birthday I speak of was Lockwood's very first Birthday!  Doug and I talked about the possibility of more kids - I claimed no more - he said two or three more.   I had recently changed to a part time job so that I could be home more with the kids.  My baby had just had his first Birthday.  I thought two kids, Doug, and myself completed our family.  I could not have been more wrong!  God had bigger plans for our family.  Parenting three kids with two of them in diapers and only nineteen months apart was interesting!!  That moment humbled me to realize that no matter what plans we have for our families there is always someone looking at the bigger picture.  I thank God daily for blessing us with three healthy children.

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to our always sweet, sometimes spicy {Emerson} who is a "Hand Full" today {and 75% of all other days}!


  1. Too cute! Happy Birthday to Emerson! Having girls 14 months apart, I know how challenging it is/was at times. But, I agree with you 100%, God knows what He is doing and I am so very thankful he sent my children when He did. All children are TRUE blessings from above. And... you have some precious ones!

    1. You have such sweet and precious girls too! You and John have us beat on the 14 months!! My sister and I are 13 months apart. We had our moments of bickering with each other growing up, but I also have a best friend for life. I see your girls doing just that! :-)


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