Shoe Overload!

What on earth!  Yes, this is what you would typically see at our back door.  Shoe Overload!
The following pictures should tell you a little about why this should be avoided.

(A) This hanging shoe contraption hangs on the door in the laundry room.  I think I am the only one in the house that knows this exists.
(B) These three bins are also in the laundry room for shoes.  These get used a little more than the hanging rack.  Only because when the boys - all three of them, take off their shoes at the laundry room door I toss them in here.
(C)  This basket sits at the double doors into the dining room.  Although we strictly use our back
door(s) for entry we are not partial to just one.  So, when I noticed the shoe pile up here I put this basket there.

And (D) - we do have closets for EACH person in the house that are roomy enough to accommodate a few pairs of shoes.

So, back to this picture.  Brittany had FOUR pairs of shoes, two pairs of cleats, boots, shin guards, knee pads, and a pair of friends shoes in the pile.  Emerson had two pairs of tennis shoes, cleats, and boots.  And Lockwood had tennis shoes, cleats, and boots.  Hmmmm, who listens to Mama better??

By the way, we are now a few pairs of shoes lighter at our house and everything is organized yet again.  When I get a chance to get back to Target I plan to put an identical basket at this back door spot.  In hopes to not drive Mama insane avoid this in the future, this chore will be added to the kids to-do list!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of shoes, Wendy! I need to do the basket thing too. Our shoes get lined up on our hearth and that's definitely not the best option.

  2. At least yours are lined up! And if you find a great solution for the chore's let me know. We are struggling with that too. Brittany keeps asking me where her allowance is, but I don't see her doing much!!


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